Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Boulder High’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC)*!

Every Boulder High School parent and guardian is automatically a member of PAC.  Contributions of parents and guardians enrich our students’ experiences beyond what the state and district offer—significantly enhancing our faculty’s ability to deliver quality curricula. We are organized in a similar way to a PTA. Your enthusiastic support of PAC-sponsored activity reflects the remarkable spirit of our outstanding high school.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Augment the ability of faculty and staff to deliver programs and initiatives that inspire and encourage our students to succeed, and
  • Facilitate productive communication among Boulder High parents, administration, and teachers.

PAC Supports Key Programs and Initiatives the BHS Budget is Unable to Fund

Examples of PAC’s reach include: 

  • Online Student Directory – PAC sponsors an on-line student directory that gives you secure access to student information.  Families have the opportunity to sign up for this directory during the student check-in process.
  • PAC Grants – Each year, through PAC grants, we fund important items like books, calculators, microscopes, software, hardware, and other equipment to support many classroom, club, and schoolwide initiatives. View the complete list of last year’s grant awards here: 2017-18 Parent Advisory Council Grant Awards.
  • E-News – This electronic newsletter, published bi-weekly in both English and Spanish, reaches all BHS families via email, and highlights current and upcoming events at Boulder High.
  • Grocery Card Program – The Grocery Card program is free to you, but makes lots of money for Boulder High!

    It's easy! Request a Boulder High Grocery Card for the stores where you shop. Load money onto your card at the Customer Service desk or at the register. (Tip: Use your credit card to earn rewards!) When you use your Grocery Card for purchases, the store will donate 5-7% of your purchase total to Boulder High. 

    Cards are currently available for King Soopers, Safeway, and Lucky's (including Lucky's Bakehouse and Lucky's Cafe). You can pick up any of these cards at Back to School Check In, or at the Boulder High Front Desk.

    If you are interested in a grocery card at Alfalafa's in Boulder, please stop by their customer service desk and request one for Boulder High.

  • Staff Appreciation – Meals are provided in acknowledgement of faculty and staff during the fall and spring parent-teacher conferences as well as for special events throughout the year.
  • After-prom – This event provides a safe place for students of Boulder and Fairview High Schools to celebrate after their prom.
  • Beautify Boulder High – We place great value on the continuing effort to maintain and improve the physical appearance and usability of the school grounds.
  • SAC and DAC – Parents and guardians represent Boulder High at regular meetings of the Boulder Valley School District Accountability Committee (DAC) and School Accountability Committee (SAC).

You can donate using PayPal by clicking the button at right, or by making checks payable to BHS PAC and mailing to: BHS PAC, 1604 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80302.

With your generous contribution of time and funds, we aim to maintain and also build upon PAC-sponsored programs and initiatives.
Please give what you can.
Suggested donation per family: $172.

We welcome questions, comments, suggestions… and volunteers.

2018-19 PAC co-chairs, Nancy Uvalle and Kelly Wyatt

*The BHS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a 501(c)3 organization.

Copyright 2012 BHS PAC