Boulder High Enews

Enews is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter for Boulder High parents. All parents receive an automatic electronic subscription to enews when their child enrolls at Boulder High School and the family provides 1 or more email addresses to Boulder High.

To add/change your email address, email BHS Registrar with the following info:

* student name

* parent name

* parent email address

To submit an entry for Enews, please review the submission guidelines and submit your entry to

Please view the 2018-2019 submission deadline and publication calendar.

Newsletter Archive (in English):

4/30/10 eNews
4/16/19 eNews
4/2/19 eNews
3/12/19 eNews
2/26/19 eNews

1/29/19 eNews
1/15/19 eNews
12/18/18 eNews
12/4/18 eNews
11/13/18 eNews
10/28/18 eNews
10/14/18 eNews
10/2/18 eNews
9/18/18 eNews
9/4/18 eNews
8/21/18 eNews

Newsletter Archive (in Spanish):

4/16/19 eNews
4/2/19 eNews
3/12/19 eNews

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